Life Interrupted Part 4

Three weeks into my initial deployment with Christ in Action during Hurricane Sandy.

A Day of Rest

Sunday 12/2/12  Cedar Run AG

Thankfully, we are ‘off work’ today to rest, observing the Sabbath. Our director and crew leader are preaching at neighboring churches. I attend a comforting service with  friends in a beautiful little church called Cedar Run Assembly of God (CRAG). Stained glass windows flank the sides and the thickness of the outer walls give evidence to it’s long history.  Originally constructed in the mid 1800’s, the newer brick facade provides a  modern garment but it’s obvious the old girl has weathered storms besides Sandy. Yet she stands, a beacon of hope and a sanctuary of peace, an outpost on a highway leading to a summertime haven often forgotten or overlooked. Now, she is shining again,  reppin Jesus as her pastor and congregation respond to the need in their community.

Partnering with Christ in Action by following up in every home we see and making that important connection; establishing a relationship just as Jesus reaches out to us, beckoning us to draw closer to Him.

Jesus doesn’t do it alone even though He could. He uses us to be His hands and feet to walk the way He did and to touch lives as only He can.

Beach Haven times write up

God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. The fourth commandment clearly states to take a Sabbath and keep it holy.

If God took a Sabbath and we don’t, it puts us in a position of pride (and rebellion) as if we were better than God.  A day of rest  provides an opportunity for fellowship with other believers, a time to reconnect with God and  glorify Him for what He has done. We can refuel to pour out to those in need throughout the week otherwise, we’re running on empty and empty means no power.

That’s not what I want and it’s not what the people need; it’s Jesus that makes the difference. Fill me up God so I can flow out.

Are you missing out? Have you taken your Sabbath or are you running on empty? It doesn’t have to be on a Sunday. The important thing is to walk in obedience giving our body, mind and spirit a chance to regroup and refresh.

Do what Jesus did.

And of the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day. then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work..”. ~ Genesis 2:2-3



me bundled up
12 layers and a borrowed coat!

  From Flip-Flops to Long Johns

Oh my gosh! It is so cold today.

I have on so many layers I can barely move, yet I cannot get warm! I am like that little kid in A Christmas Story!  Brrr!

I am switching my pocket warmers from my shoes to my hoodie and back again.  The Yankees northerners are laughing at me saying I am a lightweight.

That’s okay because tomorrow I will have on shorts and a t-shirt while they are still bundled up in scarves and gloves!

Note to self: do not go north in the winter! Watch the birds, they know where to go!

duck and CIA truck

Thank  you Lord for reminding me of why I live in Texas.

 Please, help me to remember these frozen toes during the sweltering humidity of our Houston summer.

P.S. If I do go north in the winter again please provide a Carhartt coat and insulated boots, in Jesus name, Amen!

Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, does your heavenly Father not feed them? Are you not of more value than they? ~ Matthew 6:26

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