Coyote Legs

Today, it is my pleasure to welcome a guest post from a dear friend of mine: homeschooling mother of four, amazing wife and mom extraordinaire Courtney. I know you will enjoy her encouragement!

coyote Buttes signCoyote legs.

It’s what my husband serves for dinner.

Not really! But it motives my four year-old to eat her chicken for dinner. She heartily calls out, “Daddy, what did you kill for dinner?” Coyote legs are the concoction thought up by my 10 year-old son that does the trick to clear her plate every time. What an amazing imagination; and worth mentioning, a remarkable faith in the ability of my husband to hunt down and kill a coyote in suburban southeast Houston!

coyote face

I am amazed by the vigorous imaginary world shared by my children. One of my favorite pretend games to hear is when they play with the Bible story set purchased for them by my mother-in-law, complete with character action figures and accessories. [like this one] How many days have I overheard my children saying, “Jesus and I are getting married” or “Jesus, I said to come here now” or “I want to ‘be’ Jesus this time”! I love hearing Jesus’ name in the present tense in my living room! I smile as I listen to my children in conversations with their character, Jesus. How I pray that they grow to continue having real conversations with Jesus.

One of my goals as a parent has been to pass on my passion of talking to God, conversations which began in my childhood. Once, I was spending time with a friend a few years older than myself. I remember watching her, admiring the mature way her mind worked, her ideas and the articulate way she communicated.

2 girls talking at pool

It is one of the earliest times in my life when I can remember the Holy Spirit speaking directly to me. The Spirit told me, a child of not more than 10 years old in the middle of my friend’s backyard,  if I asked for wisdom, He would give it to me and  if I spent time reading His Word, I would have greater maturity. Thankfully, I obeyed God’s call.

girl in swing

Although I did not become Miss Maturity in high school I did, however, recognize His work in me, the exact answer to those prayers! The experience and understanding helped set a spiritual foundation for me that has never faltered. Listening to God created a hunger in me for many more conversations with Him!

Now, as a mom who is constantly overwhelmed, who often finds myself running from my frustrations and feelings of inadequacy, I am so grateful that God still speaks to me. Recently, in the middle of  noisy, raucous imaginary play shared by my children, I heard firmly from the Holy Spirit, a call to stop working and spend a few minutes with Him. As I praying and reading His Word I was genuinely refreshed in such a glorious way!  The God  “pick-me-up” after morning activities and before evening responsibilities rejuvenated and sustained me until the day’s end. As a continued practice today, I think clearer, make better decisions and feel happier. A little time conversing with my very UNimaginary Jesus has made all the difference in my day.

I even feel refreshed enough to cook coyote for dinner . . .

chicken_ready_to_eat or coyote legs

…not really! But don’t tell the four year-old!

~~ Courtney

Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with his mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me. Psalm 131:2

Coyote Leg Chicken


chicken leg quarters or thighs

onions, chopped large

fresh herbs: sage, parsley, thyme (or any other I have on hand)

carrots and celery cut into strips

Place veggies in bottom of casserole dish, fresh herbs on top of the veggies and layer salt, cayenne and peppered chicken on top. Cover casserole dish with tin foil and bake in 375 degree oven until done. There is always a wonderful broth to save afterwards and my family loves to eat the veggies on the bottom. Sometimes, on a tough day, I put the chicken in the oven half frozen or mostly frozen, just increasing the cooking time.

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