Waylaid By a Gall Bladder

Last week I was waylaid by a gall bladder attack which ate up about 5 days of my life. The important thing is not that this event occurred but rather what I learned from it. Paul reminds us in Romans that God works all things to the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose; so even something painfully unexpected has positive effects if we look at it correctly.

Using my eyes of faith I see:

1. A reminder of the responsibility I share in stewarding this temple. I needed to make some changes to my diet [nothing like the motivation of severe pain to effect change haha!] Actually, though, my priorities were out of whack and my life had become unbalanced. Like preventive maintenance on a car regular inspection is critical and I was not listening to the prompts my body was sending.  Some of the healthy practices which have kept me well the last few years had fallen by the wayside like regular good quality vitamins [I use these] and meal planning. This is critical! Without my go-to plan I  have a tendency to grab something for convenience (which usually involves carbs) rather than preparing something healthy. It’s ridiculous because I love vegetables, and I feel so much better after consuming a colorful plate!

menu plannerI [obviously] use a pencil an eraser & these forms to help.

We make enough at dinner to cover lunch the next day and my menu is now planned for the next 3 weeks!

and someday I’ll have a decent camera . . .

2. Gratitude for Essential oils – they work!

I’m currently using these to help with the symptoms. Each time I am amazed at their efficacy! peppermint promo

Peppermint gets applied right over my upper abdomen,thieves promo

Thieves to the bottoms of my feet and lavender promo

Lavender on a cotton ball at night near my pillow to help me relax.

Click here for more information on YL Essential Oils.

3. Most of all though is trust in God. Physically, my gall bladder was protesting [LOUDLY!] but what did this indicate for me spiritually and mentally? We are three components, body, mind and spirit; all connected and inter-related. In my opinion, each one needs to be addressed or history repeats itself. Get rid of the root so the weed doesn’t grow back! Spiritually – was there something I was harboring I needed to get rid of?  I discovered some fear and old hurts I needed to let go of.

Mentally I struggled with the financial aspect and  possible surgery in the future yet God reassured me as I cast my cares upon Him. He is big enough to handle all of it! Often our mind (the reason part which always argues with faith) can lead us astray, into a place of fear and doubt. We must contend for our faith!  I declare these scriptures Philippians 4:8, 2 Corinthians 10:5, and Proverbs 16:3. Soon, my mind eases and my thoughts are faith filled instead of plagued by fear!

There were practical aspects I could address: changing my diet and getting back on the vitamins but the big stuff, I left to Him.

 “For I AM the LORD who heals you.” ~ Exodus 15:26

He is the best physician of all.

5 Comments on “Waylaid By a Gall Bladder

  1. I have been having the same issues and just blogged about the changes I am making to my life and diet. Praying for strength and healing for you. It put me in the hospital two nights ago. God bless!


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