Wasp on Fire

wood stove at farmAs I walked through the farmhouse making a list of needed repairs I kept finding wasps.  After stomping on a couple in the kitchen, then a few more in the living room I noticed several on the window of the glassed in front porch. I swatted them down, grinding them under my heel and began a mission to discover the nest, looking in corners and eaves to no avail. As the temperature dropped I decided to start a fire in the wood stove. Like any wise person, I opened the door and stuck my face right in for a visual inspection.

wasp nest

Yikes! I found the wasp party! Thankfully, the cold put the wasps in slow mo otherwise I would have been in big trouble.

Long story short, as we cranked up the fire the wasps dropped in to the flames, popping and sizzling. My cheers of victory were positively mercenary!

When something out of the ordinary happens (like when you say or think: that’s weird) I try to inquire of the Lord to see if there is a message or lesson for me.  God uses a myriad of ways to speak to us -through nature, people, dreams, His Word – we just need to be tuned in to what He is doing.  Sometimes it’s just life but on this occasion He encouraged me through the wasps.

Here are the steps I took to discover what the Lord was saying through these wasps.

1 hopscotch

First, in my quiet time I prayed asking if He had a message for me through the wasps.

The Holy Spirit affirmed.

2 finger peace

Second, I searched for a scriptural reference for wasps – what does the Word say?

I found references to hornets but not wasps via Bible Gateway.

3 one dice

Next, I pulled out my Strong’s Concordance (this is one I use) to define hornet.

Looking at #6880 hornet is defined in Hebrew as wasp.

Yes, I was on to something!

So I pulled up the 3 scriptures with the word hornet and wrote them down.

Exodus 23:28 And I will send hornets before thee, which shall drive out the Hivite, the Canaanite and the Hitite from before thee. 

Deuteronomy 7:20 Moreover, the Lord thy God will send the hornet among them until they that are left and hide themselves from thee, be destroyed.

Joshua 24:12 And I sent the hornet among you, which drove them out from before you, even the 2 kings of the Amorites; but not with thy sword, nor with thy bow.

The Hivites, Canaanites, Hittites and Amorites are all enemies of Israel. God promises in Exodus and Deuteronomy He will drive out the enemy, even those who try to hide before we get to the Promised Land.  Remember, the land of Canaan was a promise given to Abraham for his descendants before Isaac was even born!  It was their inheritance. Moving to the farm is my inheritance. It is the land promised to me to fulfill my destiny in Christ. Each of us has a Promised Land, an inheritance God ordained for us since He created us in our mother’s womb!

So, what do I deduce from this? God sent the wasps (hornets) before us and dealt with the enemy. He goes before us. (Read Joshua 3:9-11) It was nothing I did, but rather something He did for me. He is encouraging me to relax, enjoy the ride and walk joyfully into my inheritance.

Pretty cool, huh?

victorious knightWasp death toll >20!

PS – The only way to get to know God is by spending time with Him on a regular basis (as in daily). His voice is gentle and soft; will never contradict scripture or condemn. He will show us or convict us of the error of our ways but always in love.  With consistent practice we learn to differentiate His voice from the voice of our flesh or the enemy. Having a daily quiet time is imperative for growth. A devotional will help you to hear God’s voice and learn His character through the Scriptures. (see my resources page for recommended devotionals)

Here are just a very few of the numerous Biblical examples of God speaking. Samuel needed Eli’s help to discern God was speaking to Him (1st Samuel 3). God spoke to Jesus’ father Joseph through a dream (Matthew 2:13). Acts 9 tells of Saul’s conversion through an audible voice on the road to Damascus. See also: 1 Chronicles 16:33, Isaiah 55:12, Luke 19:40  and Acts 21:4-14.





4 Comments on “Wasp on Fire

  1. This is very encouraging and insightful. I love how God speaks to us through things we encounter in everyday situations and shows us the scripture is alive and evident in our lives:) AMEN!


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