A Heart Offering

IMG_0264Happy Monday! I woke this morning with an impression someone needed to hear this message today. So LORD open the eyes of our understanding that we may know You on a deeper level. Now, grab your Bible and join me for a quick dive into the Word.
Look at Genesis 4:5, but He did not respect Cain and his offering. And Cain was angry and his countenance fell.
Last week I mentioned lip service to the Lord in The Little Daffodil. Today I want to continue in this same train of thought regarding our hearts. Cain gave what he wanted to give and it showed what was in his heart. See, God doesn’t need our offerings but rather uses what we give Him as an opportunity to show us where our heart lies. He is not interested in our words and deeds as much as He is interested in our heart. He is our Bridegroom – what kind of groom would not be interested in where his bride’s heart lay?

The tendency today is to keep busy doing church (what we think God expects of us) rather than moving into deeper intimacy with Him. We work to please Him based on our parameters rather than His; which occupies our time but doesn’t increase our power. Hence, we run on empty instead of the fullness of the Lord which leads us into a never ending cycle of trying to do more.
I was a champion of this, a true believer that a full ministry schedule and calendar demonstrated my love for God. I substituted the ministry of man for the magnificence of God because I was too busy proving myself to be still and know I AM.

How much more content would we be if we only understood the depth of God’s love for us (regardless of what we do) and how He yearns to spend time with us? We declare we are pursuing God when in actuality we are chasing after the approval and accolades of man. It is a subtle deception difficult to recognize, especially in ourselves. Now, no condemnation, that’s not what this is about. Rather it’s an opportunity to stop and get your bearings, to make sure you have charted the right course and initiate any corrections if needed. One degree off can change your destination and put you far from where you thought you were going.

Are you offering up your work or your heart?


How long has it been since you had an encounter with the Most High?


Take a few moments to examine your life today and ask God these questions:
1. Where am I pursuing the accolades of man or my own ego instead of You?
2. What do I need to let go of so I can move into deeper intimacy with You?
3. Am I offering my work or my heart?
Listen to what He says.

Repent: Lord forgive me for not giving  you my whole heart

Then pray, “Lord, take me deeper, open my eyes to who You are that I may know the fellowship of the mystery Paul speaks of in Ephesians (3:9).

God will answer your prayer.

It probably won’t be in the way you expect – it might even get uncomfortable  – but you won’t regret it!





Then the Spirit entered me when He spoke to me, and set me on my feet and I heard Him who spoke to me” Ezekiel 2:2

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