Critters Galore

IMG_0309Whew! Why am I so tired? Well, as the joke goes, I’ve just had a March of 31 days!  These old bones can feel it! My last blog ended with a promise about our new additions at the farm and even though it’s taken awhile to get back with you, here we are.

I had no idea we would be growing so fast. When God spoke to me about multiplication with Genesis 17:2 I had something different in mind. (lol) Needless to say, when God is ready to move He moves! Lest anyone think I have all this figured out (excuse me while I guffaw) I can reassure you I don’t. My knowledge comprises about 20%, 10% is fear stricken disbelief and the other 70% is all God. I picture a farm as a little like heaven: plenty of nature available to walk quietly with God, a sigh of gentle breeze with a peaceful stillness as the herd lays around contentedly ruminating. . . can you hear the birds twittering in the background? So nice, quiet . . . Until it’s feeding time – then the bellows, barks and baas erupt into a cacophony of reminders regarding the hour of the day upon which I become everyone’s best friend!

Without further ado, here are the quackers and snackers making Glen Haven their home. Most of you have met Sir Henry and his girls (if not, read here). The first four legged additions the week after Valentines Day – cute little Skipper and Strawberry –  Nigerian Dwarf Goats.


baby goaties

They are cuteness personified!

Their jumping and hopping antics reveal pure delight in life and they love to cuddle.

We along with our guests have enjoyed bottle feeding and snuggling the little rascals.



The day after the goaties arrived we acquired 5 Pekin ducks (think Aflac and Donald). They are hilarious, move almost as one body and their poo stinks to high heaven.

It’s too early to decipher genders and not all of them are quacking yet. Eventually they will move to a floating house on the pond from which we will collect delicious eggs!

About 3 weeks ago Daisy


     and Duchess (also Nigerian Dwarfs)


moved in to keep Strawberry and Skipper company. We’re learning to milk with Duchess; fortunately she is experienced, quite patient with us and well-deserving of her animal cracker reward!

Then came a pretty blue-eyed mini LaMancha named June Bug also in milk.


Juni on the milking stand
Jesse’s got a whole field to play!

along with a Nigerian Dwarf buck named Jesse.

 Currently, we use the milk from Duchess and June to feed Strawberry and Skipper. Once they are weaned we will try our hand at some nice Chevre cheese. It certainly appears rather Noahic how the goats arrived 2×2 and for those of you who may not know – animals just don’t automatically produce milk – they have to be bred, hence the need for Jesse and on goes the multiplication.

Our newest addition and biggest baby arrived in time for Easter –


a beautiful Jersey cow named Violet.

She is gentle, crazy about the lush grass in our pasture and bellows loud enough to shake the rafters! In addition to drinking her delicious milk we plan to make butter, a variety of cheeses and best of all, ice cream! Violet is a dream come true for me – I’ve wanted a cow for years. Thank you LORD!

Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. ~ Psalm 37:4

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting our boatload of critters and here’s a BIG shout out to all those who have helped bottle feed, build shelters and install fences: THANK YOU!!!

Until next time → keep praising HIM,







Susan   and Strawberry

2 Comments on “Critters Galore

  1. Phew, dear lady,

    I think you’re probably busier than I am. Please know that I’m praying for wisdom, discernment, peace, joy, and rest for you and yours!!!

    My love to you, dear one,


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