Intro to Farm Ninja


Ninja  ˈninjə/


    • a person who excels in a particular skill or activity.

When we first arrived at GlenHaven an intimidating man showed up at our door. The only visible area of skin was around his mouth. I had no idea of his age or features because everything else was wrapped in Carhartts* and dark sunglasses. I wasn’t sure if I was under arrest or what.

He offered his help and invited us to church (hmm – what kind of church?), never removing his sunglasses.

Scary Guy ended up being a huge help. One time, I text him an SOS because the well pump had shut down.  Within minutes he appeared,  fixed the issue with a twig he snapped off a nearby  shrub and went on down the road. Total time, maybe 8 minutes. The due repaired my well with a twig! I’m pretty sure the only words he spoke were ‘Josh, let me show you what I did’.

Josh and I just looked at each other with our mouths agape – whaaaat – who is he? Some kind of Chuck Norris or something? Did I say he fixed it with a twig?!

Thus, the term farm ninja was born. #goals

The dude set a standard to which all farm ninjas aspire.

Don’t you want to be a farm ninja?

Gather round and listen up!

Sun’s out, guns out! Adam, Josh and Elden.

Farm ninjas carry their guns with them at all times. I mean, come on pal, this is Texas, what did you expect??


These guys were the groundbreaking (literally) pioneers who planted the foundation of our farm, Glen Haven and our ministry, the Grove.

Farm Ninja’s build things like fences, sheds and God’s Kingdom. They also build one another up, holding friendship with honor and accountability. #bro


Mucking out the goat house by Aaron and Josh

Farm ninjas wield pitchforks with aplomb, leaving no barn unmucked! And they know 2 forks together can pick up more than one alone.

Two are better than one because they have a more satisfying return for their labor” Ecclesiastes 4:9



Mr. Clean preps for a dirty job.

Chicken poo, goat pellets or cow patties – nothing scares them! They understand that sometimes, poo happens (well most of the time poo happens) and ya just gotta deal with it.

Uh-oh! Poop is no sweat for a farm Ninja









Farm ninjas are fascinated by fire.

 A controlled burn is part of good land management. It cleanses the ground, getting rid of debris and opening the way for new growth.  “That is why I remind you to fan into flame the gracious gift of God, [that inner fire] which is in you through the laying on of my hands ...”2 Timothy 1:6

Make no mistake, farm ninjas are not ALL rough and tumble.

The animals bring out the gentle side (well, most of the time anyway).


Jerid – the animal whisperer…

But let it be [the inner beauty of] the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable qualities and unfading charm of a gentle and peaceful spirit which is very precious in the sight of God.” 1 Peter 3:4

Don’t you want to be a Farm Ninja?

Stay tuned for more farm ninja stuff . . .

P.S.  Brother H (aka Chuck Norris) has been an invaluable resource to speak into the lives of these young men spiritually and otherwise. Deuteronomy 6:4-7 It is what the Grove is all about: generational discipleship. Bless you sir!


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