Seeded: An Eye for Potential

The door swung closed on another holiday season, another year and the end of the decade while the dismal days of winter stretched ahead. Not being a fan of winter herself the little round woman negotiated her way through a landscape of clothing scattered in piles on the floor lamenting the amount of laundry cold weather brings. The clouds outside forecast yet another dreary gray day.

As she rekindled the fire in the wood stove wondering if there would be snow this year the realization hit: no need for a laundry lament today, the seed catalogs had arrived! #daymade!

With chores completed and catalogs spread on the table it was time for a hot cup of tea, some graph paper and big dreams! Oh what pleasure came from drawing out a garden plan and making a list of seeds to buy. Of course, there is a big stretch between seeing the fruit produced in the catalog and the reality of producing said fruit in your own garden but that was neither here not there. This is dream time!

The potential of fabulous fruit is there, in her mind’s eye. Succulent tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, new potatoes swathed in butter and the wholesomeness of green beans and broccoli all swirled in her head. She could picture them on her plate, lined up in rows on shelves and tucked in the freezer. There is nothing better than homegrown produce!

Although this year presented new challenges since the determination was made to plant early in the high tunnel and attempt some seedlings. With uncertain inner temperatures this was new territory to explore and hopefully conquer!

You see, the little round woman had an eye for potential. She could see the potential in the garden and she can see the potential in people, especially children. After all, that’s why she was planted in far northeast Texas in the grove of mostly pecan trees and that why she lived in the little yellow house with her five dogs. Give kids the right environment, proper nutrition and appropriate nurturing and the possibilities are endless! Seeing the rebellious discover the love of Jesus and become a new creation is pure delight! Watching the explosive growth discipleship brings to young adults intent upon the pursuing the Lord is utter bliss indeed!

However, seeing potential can sometimes be a detriment if there is too much focus on potential and not enough on reality. Unfortunately, there are some with great potential who do not choose to raise their head to the sun, receive the water or submit to the pruning the Master Gardener brings. Sadly, these plants do not thrive and often produce sickly fruit.

The good news is: inside each of us is a seed of potential, a seed of faith planted there by God Himself. Each seed with great potential to bear fruit in the Kingdom. What will we do with the seed we have been given? Will we allow the seed to be buried in the dark and broken apart so new life can squeeze out? Will we wait for our roots to anchor in the soil so we can grow up out of the darkness and into the light? Will we submit to the Master Gardener so He can fertilize and prune us into shape helping us through the dry seasons to receive the refreshing rain?

It’s a choice. An environment of love bears much fruit. Love is patient and love is kind but love also sets boundaries and enacts discipline. Love is not jealous or envious but it rejoices and encourages, it is not rude or self-seeking, it bears all things and never fails.

The potential is there. Do you see it?

“For I will turn to you with favor and regard and make you fruitful and multiply you, and I will establish and confirm my covenant with you” ~ Leviticus 26:9

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