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A Not So Miserable Failure

I have a confession to make. I failed. And I failed big. It might even be classified as a miserable failure, but doesn’t that become an oxymoron – wouldn’t a miserable failure actually be a success? Because I didn’t succeed except at failing. I… Continue Reading “A Not So Miserable Failure”

A Grandmothers Legacy – TURN THOU ME

          I have a special guest writer today – my great grandmother, Anna Reinhart. Anna was a Bible teacher who traveled through the south until she was killed in a car accident in 1939. Although I never met her in person, her legacy lives… Continue Reading “A Grandmothers Legacy – TURN THOU ME”

Missing the Mark

 It’s Throwback Thursday for sure (#tbt) as the post below was originally written in 2010 but I needed to remind myself today the value of the words. I did something yesterday where I missed the mark

A Heart Offering

Happy Monday! I woke this morning with an impression someone needed to hear this message today. So LORD open the eyes of our understanding that we may know You on a deeper level. Now, grab your Bible and join me for


Dear readers, between all my packing of boxes for the move to the farm and my wrapping of presents I overlooked posting this information about Hanukkah. It is a long read but well worth the time. I hope you enjoy this contribution from Leann… Continue Reading “Hanukkah”

Does Wait Break the Wagon Down?

It seems the Lord’s favorite word is often wait.  It’s always spoken very softly, very gently and with lots of love but the reaction it causes in me cannot always be described as such. Now, when I hear the word wait I pause, take a… Continue Reading “Does Wait Break the Wagon Down?”

Feeling Hammered?

Isaiah 41:7 So the craftsman encouraged the goldsmith, he who smooths with the hammer inspired him who strikes with the anvil, saying,”It is ready for the soldering,” then he fastened it with pegs that it might not totter. It takes the heavy hammer of the blacksmith along… Continue Reading “Feeling Hammered?”

Wasp on Fire

As I walked through the farmhouse making a list of needed repairs I kept finding wasps.  After stomping on a couple in the kitchen, then a few more in the living room I noticed several on the window of the glassed in front porch. I… Continue Reading “Wasp on Fire”


Welcome everyone to the month of Kislev! In our quest to know more about our Hebrew heritage I wanted to pass along a wonderful encouraging email my friend Leann Wall of Rising Eagle Ministries shared about Kislev (please note I took the liberty of… Continue Reading “Kislev”

Live for Five

On my last post Pure Delight we talked briefly about Psalm 37:4-5 regarding the conditions for receiving the desires of our heart. I’d like to expand on those today so we have a realistic picture of how to not only receive but also discover the… Continue Reading “Live for Five”