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Life Interrupted Finale

There are occasions when life as we know it is interrupted. It is unexpected and often very challenging. But it is always an opportunity to grow our faith. My life was interrupted in 2012 because I chose to serve those who’s life had been… Continue Reading “Life Interrupted Finale”

Life Interrupted Part 4

Three weeks into my initial deployment with Christ in Action during Hurricane Sandy. A Day of Rest Sunday 12/2/12   Thankfully, we are ‘off work’ today to rest, observing the Sabbath. Our director and crew leader are preaching at neighboring churches. I attend a comforting… Continue Reading “Life Interrupted Part 4”

Life Interrupted Part 3

In 2012 my life was interrupted for 3 weeks when I deployed with Christ in Action in response to the destruction of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey.  Below are some of my reflections about the experience. Doing It Together 11-26-12 Monday       A… Continue Reading “Life Interrupted Part 3”

Life Interrupted Part 2

A continuation of my deployment experience responding to Superstorm Sandy in 2012 with Christ in Action (get to know them here). Count Your Blessings 11/21/12, Tuesday 7:15pm   I am 3 sheets to the wind exhausted & so ready to call it a night! A… Continue Reading “Life Interrupted Part 2”

Life Interrupted Part 1

 I was first introduced to Camp Hope in 2008 through  Dr. Denny and Sandy Nissley. The Nissleys founded a disaster relief ministry aptly named Christ in Action (check them out here:  Christ in Action ) who responded to Hurricane Ike on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Twelve… Continue Reading “Life Interrupted Part 1”