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Church in the Barnyard

A beautiful sunny morning with a chill in the air as I make my rounds through the barnyard mucking out various stalls. It’s a glorious Sunday and while many would be at church,

Mooving Right Along

Greetings from Glen Haven! Since I’ve been lax in posting over the summer I would like to bring you current on the latest events.  We’ve grown tremendously, making lots of progress (hence the lack of posts) and we’re pleased with the results.  Back in May… Continue Reading “Mooving Right Along”

Critters Galore

Whew! Why am I so tired? Well, as the joke goes, I’ve just had a March of 31 days!  These old bones can feel it! My last blog ended with a promise about our new additions at the farm and even though it’s taken… Continue Reading “Critters Galore”

Life Goes On

 I’m baaack! Farm life has kept us busy and that, combined with the idiosyncrasies of rural internet restricted my blogging for the last several weeks. Now that I have weathered the character building challenge

The Little Daffodil

It looked to be another gray winter day as I awoke this morning. The sky was overcast and although warm sunny weather is expected this weekend it doesn’t seem to have arrived yet. As I moved about starting my day I caught a glimpse… Continue Reading “The Little Daffodil”

B Comes Before D

Since we’ve moved to the farm I’ve had to adjust to quite a few things, not the least of which is my quiet time with God. My regular routine at the burb-stead involved opening the back door around

Are You Good with Names? because the chickens are here!

We now have a flock! Does that make us legit farmers or what? Every morning when I hear that cock-a-doodle-do I feel pretty legit! Chickens are fascinating creatures – I love watching them – especially the

We Are IN

The farm is GLORIOUS! We’ve been here for almost a month; the computer is finally set up and internet is connected – it’s time to get back in touch!! My new