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Apple Magic

Aahh! That first cold cool front of autumn to relieve the scorching humidity of southeast Texas – we run to it like

Mix It Up!

I love prepared mixes…mmmm, pancakes dripping with syrup, muffins bursting with blueberries, oooey gooey chocolaty brownies, …mmmm [oops, pardon me I digress!] however, I don’t love

Coyote Legs

Today, it is my pleasure to welcome a guest post from a dear friend of mine: homeschooling mother of four, amazing wife and mom extraordinaire Courtney. I know you will enjoy her encouragement! Coyote legs. It’s what my husband serves for dinner. Not really!… Continue Reading “Coyote Legs”

How I Freeze Peaches

There are various ways to freeze peaches but this is how I did it. Simple and easy are the way I roll. The portions are small enough to be versatile without being complicated. We enjoy frozen peaches in smoothies, yogurt or cobbler and