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Hello! Sweet Pea here! Let me explain a little side note: we are in the process of renovating our site so if things seems a bit disjointed we’re sorry. Please bear with us as we get situated! The techno learning curve for these farmers is almost as big as my pregnant belly! 



One of the main products we raise is pastured chicken.  Currently they are sold whole and frozen so our customers frequently ask:

img_1730.jpgWhat do I do with this whole chicken?

Well, friend, let me tell ya!

There are many ways to prepare a whole chicken. Back in the old days that’s all people had, right?


Here are some of the things we do at the farm with our whole chickens.

Stew the chicken (sometimes I’ll even do 2 at a time) in a pot of water with whatever vegetables are on hand and your basic seasonings: salt, pepper, garlic, onion till chicken falls off the bone (about 1.5-2 hours). Let cool, save liquid for stock and then strip the meat from the bone.  Package meat in freezer bags and use to make casseroles, chicken tacos or chicken salad for quick, easy meals.

garden harvest kale, parsley, beans, peppers

We’ve also done beer can chicken on the grill, chicken and dumplings (#1 on the family favorite list)  and crock pot barbecue chicken.


Many of you have asked about how to cut-up and or cook a whole chicken. I found this great link to demonstrate the cutting technique along with how to make simple stock.




OK –  here’s the deal: there are many benefits to eating pastured chicken but rather than taking time to reinvent the wheel …


I’m sharing a fabulous, comprehensive article HERE. I would encourage you to read the whole article however it is lengthy (that’s what makes it so comprehensive lol) so I’ve listed some highlights below.

Pastured products are generally higher in nutrients than those raised in CAFO (confined or concentrated animal feeding operation).

> Understand that labels can be misleading. For instance, free-range doesn’t mean pastured. Many times the animal just has access to the outdoors without ever seeing it or they can be ‘free ranging’ into a mud pit.

Pastured animals are raised in fresh air and sunshine, living life the way they were created to live, not indoors in filthy ammonia toxic air eating their own poo.

>80% of antibiotics are used on factory animals because the conditions are so nasty. These antibiotics are passed on to those who eat the product. *


There is a plethora of information out there but it is up to us to do our research and be informed about what we are eating and feeding our family. I hope this ignites something in you to become a well informed consumer and support your local farmers!

At Glenhaven Farm we follow the practices of Joel Salatin as best we can. He has written numerous books and has multiple youtube videos regarding this subject. The nice thing is, you’re always welcome to visit us and see how we do things. Factory farms don’t allow that.

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See you soon and happy farming!

Susan, Beth and the GlenHaven Farm Ninjas


*All chicken in the US can wear the label ‘antibiotic free” as long as the reside tests under the “certain parts per billion” threshold that the government has established. So, it can be labeled antibiotic freemen if it got antibiotics from the day it was hatched to the day it was slaughtered.





G is for GlenHaven

Big G

G for GlenHaven

GlenHaven Farm – brought to you by the letter G! G for GlenHaven, G for God, G for green pastures and great animals. Gee it’s gosh darn hot outside so pass the sweet tea and take  few minutes to chat! Just when you think you can’t take another day of heat and humidity, (I liken it to roasting a wet sponge), God sends the rain! Hallelujah – it happened this morning and today, G is for glorious!


We’ve got two very pregnant cows scheduled to deliver any day now. My plan was for them to be pregnant at separate times of the year, not at the same time  – somehow they didn’t get that memo so we’ve had no fresh milk since May! Aaagh – difficult for us raw milk addicts around here! So, for them G is for get on with it, already!


G is also for goats, more specifically, Nigerian Dwarf goats! Their chief job around here is to prove no fence can stand against their escape tactics and then to climb on your lap so you can’t be mad at them! They’re very affectionate and nothing brings comfort like a 10 goat cuddle as the day wanes into night!

Jerid and Truman

Jerid and Truman

But the best part of the letter G is the great workers we have around here – running a farm like this is definitely a group effort, each person doing their part and we appreciate all they do!

I could GO on and on (see what I did there?) but I will go ahead and save some G words for another post.

Happy Farming!





Never Too Late

As I was perusing through Ezekiel during my quiet time I was drawn to chapter 33:14, “Again when I say to the wicked, “You shall surely die, if he turns from his sin and does what is lawful and right … ” I realized with a fresh awareness of the LOVE God has for each of us.

In the Old Testament, God exhibited His love by sending prophet after prophet to pull His children back from the brink of disaster; sometimes they listened but most of the time they were so caught up in doing what they wanted to do instead of what they should do. Often they didn’t see how trapped they were in a mess of their own making.

I have great experience with this . . .


He was patient, told story after story, gave sign after sign, often waiting  decades for people to get the message; sending many warnings yet they wouldn’t listen. He only wanted them to have the best life possible.

I am familiar with not wanting to listen, too. IMG_1195

It’s a simple deal, really. We all make mistakes and do dumb things (some are dumber than others) but it’s never too late, no matter what we’ve done, to turn and walk a different way. Jesus is just waiting for us to call Him so He can pour out His grace on us.

love saves lives sign

See, Jesus died for us – He gave His life so we could hang out with God both now and for eternity – through Him! Giving our life to Jesus is not just about eternity, it’s about having a more peaceful, fulfilling life here and now.  If you’re anything like me, you tried to find contentment in a myriad of ways: drugs, alcohol, poor relationships or material possessions and none of it mattered. None of those things can take away the pain or bring peace and contentment like Jesus can.

JOhn 3-16

We don’t deserve it – He did it anyway – that’s love.

Do you need some Jesus in your life? Do you need a fresh start?

Then make a decision to talk to Him right now.

Say something like this: “Jesus I have messed up and I am done with that type of life! Will you forgive me and help me walk a different way, Your way? Thank you for dying on the cross for me – I give my life to you Jesus! Amen!

That’s it.

Now, round up a Bible and start reading the book of John. It’s in the New Testament, 4th book and see the love God has for you! And when  you get to Chapter 14:6 underline or highlight this verse:

“For I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

No one comes to the Father except through Me.”


Just so you know – He is the WAY to truth and life, the only way –

and  if I had not given my life to Jesus I would probably be dead now….


Just do it! You won’t regret it!






Life’s a Peach

peaches n box

Yep, those are mine! I just bought a case of organic peaches so, like any normal person  immediately stuffed one in my mouth, leaning over the kitchen sink as juice dripped down my fingers and chin, followed by peaches in  my dinner oatmeal and a peachy yogurt delight before bed. Mmm,mmmm!



So what’s my point besides making you yearn for your own fresh peach? Continue reading