Life Goes On

IMG_0333 I’m baaack! Farm life has kept us busy and that, combined with the idiosyncrasies of rural internet restricted my blogging for the last several weeks. Now that I have weathered the character building challenge Read More

A Heart Offering

IMG_0264Happy Monday! I woke this morning with an impression someone needed to hear this message today. So LORD open the eyes of our understanding that we may know You on a deeper level. Now, grab your Bible and join me for Read More

The Little Daffodil

first little daffodil 2-6-2015It looked to be another gray winter day as I awoke this morning. The sky was overcast and although warm sunny weather is expected this weekend it doesn’t seem to have arrived yet. As I moved about starting my day I caught a glimpse through the window of a little daffodil struggling vainly to lift its face to the almost non-existent sun. As I gasped, Read More

B Comes Before D

farm view from pondSince we’ve moved to the farm I’ve had to adjust to quite a few things, not the least of which is my quiet time with God. My regular routine at the burb-stead involved opening the back door around Read More

Are You Good with Names? because the chickens are here!

chicken coopWe now have a flock! Does that make us legit farmers or what? Every morning when I hear that cock-a-doodle-do I feel pretty legit! Chickens are fascinating creatures – I love watching them – especially the Read More

We Are IN

1-21-15 front window viewThe farm is GLORIOUS! We’ve been here for almost a month; the computer is finally set up and internet is connected – it’s time to get back in touch!! My new Read More

A Fresh Start 2015 Style

Life has been a crazy whirlwind as the last few days of 2014 expired. We left southeast Texas and have arrived at the farm! Not everything went according to plan but suffice to say we are all safe and sound, albeit a bit tired. I wanted to share a bit of insight as a reminder to us all as we walk into the new year.

The start of a new year brings an opportunity Read More


Dear readers, between all my packing of boxes for the move to the farm and my wrapping of presents I overlooked posting this information about Hanukkah. It is a long read but well worth the time. I hope you enjoy this contribution from Leann Wall of Rising Eagles Ministries.

Tonight [12/16/14] begins the eight day celebration of Hanukkah! Hanukkah is the Hebrew word Read More

Does Wait Break the Wagon Down?

waiting signIt seems the Lord’s favorite word is often wait.  It’s always spoken very softly, very gently and with lots of love but the reaction it causes in me cannot always be described as such.

Now, when I hear the word wait I pause, take a deep breath and say, Yes Lord. The Lord helped me understand the waiting process by showing me Read More

Feeling Hammered?

hammer and anvilIsaiah 41:7 So the craftsman encouraged the goldsmith, he who smooths with the hammer inspired him who strikes with the anvil, saying,”It is ready for the soldering,” then he fastened it with pegs that it might not totter.

It takes the heavy hammer of the blacksmith along with the gentle taps of the goldsmith in order to create a masterpiece. And it doesn’t happen overnight! God is at work in you, beloved, creating a work of art like no other.

Whether you are being hammered with the pain of something big Read More