Welcome Home

welcome signWelcome Home! It’s how I felt as we drove up the drive to our new farm. It was if the arms of the land reached out to embrace and draw us in.  My heart was overwhelmed Read More


RLM_LogoWelcome everyone to the month of Kislev! In our quest to know more about our Hebrew heritage I wanted to pass along a wonderful encouraging email my friend Leann Wall of Rising Eagle Ministries shared about Kislev (please note I took the liberty of adding a couple of pictures but content credit all to her).

Friday, November 21 the new Hebrew month of Kislev began, a month of trust, support and to come full circle. It is the beginning Read More

A Reformed Skeptic

rain and tree

Hi, my name is Susan and I am a reformed essential oil skeptic. Yep, that’s right. When I first heard of essential oils I thought it was a bunch Read More

Prison Moments

barred windowSome encouragement for you today

Genesis 41:9, “Then the chief butler spoke to Pharaoh saying, I remember my faults this day.

No matter where we are – in the dimness of a cell where we can’t see beyond our circumstances or feeling forgotten in some corner Read More

Live for Five

On my last post Pure Delight we talked briefly about Psalm 37:4-5 regarding the conditions for receiving the desires of our heart. I’d like to expand on those today so we have a realistic picture of how to not only receive but also discover the true desires of our heart. As verse 3 opens up (I use NKJV  like this one) we see the first of  5 responsibilities:

1. Trust in the Lord.  Trust comes from Read More

Pure Delight

Hallelujah! Sometimes there is no other word to describe the situation you find yourself in than to declare Hallelujah! But, just what does Hallelujah mean?  Strong’s Concordance (see my resource page) shows it is a combination of two Read More

Apple Magic

autumn_scene (1)

Aahh! That first cold cool front of autumn to relieve the scorching humidity of southeast Texas – we run to it like Read More

A Prayer

?????You have seen what I did to the Egyptians and how I bore you on eagle wings and brought you to Myself ~ Ex. 19:5

Yes, Lord you have brought me to heights I never knew existed. You have cleaned me and redeemed me from myself. You have taught me and loved me and Read More

Dream On

ladderThen he dreamed and behold, a ladder was set up on earth and it’s top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.” ~ Genesis 28:12

My (rhetorical) question: did Jacob dream of a ladder or did the ladder appear because he dreamed?

Admittedly, it could be Read More

The Gift I Didn’t Know I Wanted

christmas giftPeriodically, I offer my house up to the Lord saying send who You will. Shortly after doing so in the fall of 2012,  unexpected guests showed up in the front yard. As one of my bonus daughters left the house she Read More