Dream On

ladderThen he dreamed and behold, a ladder was set up on earth and it’s top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.” ~ Genesis 28:12

My (rhetorical) question: did Jacob dream of a ladder or did the ladder appear because he dreamed?

Admittedly, it could be Read More

The Gift I Didn’t Know I Wanted

christmas giftPeriodically, I offer my house up to the Lord saying send who You will. Shortly after doing so in the fall of 2012,  unexpected guests showed up in the front yard. As one of my bonus daughters left the house she Read More

Waylaid By a Gall Bladder

Last week I was waylaid by a gall bladder attack which ate up about 5 days of my life. The important thing is not that this event occurred but rather Read More

By Faith

Sometimes we just need a simple reminder of the power of faith.  Hebrews 11 sums it up for us. Take a few minutes to read verses 1-32; we’ll look specifically at verses 33-34 so get your highlighter ready for these powerhouse words!

It is by FAITH:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKingdoms were subdued. Faith helps us conquer the kingdoms of the world so we no longer focus on man’s goals but rather keep Read More

Tidbits from the Burb-Stead

psychedelicThe last couple of weeks have been positively psychedelic around here cuz I have been trippin! No, I’ve not branched out into the dark side but my head is positively spinning Read More

Pump Some Iron Virtue

dumbellHave you ever heard the old adage, don’t pray for patience because then all kinds of things will happen that try your patience? As true as that may be,  I believe these trials are God-given opportunities to Read More

A Fresh Start

sunrise in a fieldHere at Release Ministries we’re all about a fresh start – not that’s it’s an original idea of course because God invented it! You see, when we look at life knowing a fresh start is available it brings Read More

Mix It Up!

PancakesI love prepared mixes…mmmm, pancakes dripping with syrup, muffins bursting with blueberries, oooey gooey chocolaty brownies, …mmmm [oops, pardon me I digress!] however, I don’t love Read More

Shifting Sand

Sand castleDo you ever feel like you are standing on shifting sand?

Is your life filled with a niggling sense of uncertainty?

Are you reluctant to turn on the news because the headlines scream, FEAR! BE AFRAID!? The media loves to be Read More

Coyote Legs

Today, it is my pleasure to welcome a guest post from a dear friend of mine: homeschooling mother of four, amazing wife and mom extraordinaire Courtney. I know you will enjoy her encouragement!

coyote Buttes signCoyote legs.

It’s what my husband serves for dinner.

Not really! But it motives my four year-old to eat her chicken for dinner. She heartily calls out, “Daddy, what did you kill for dinner?” Coyote legs are Read More