Life Interrupted Part 2

A continuation of my deployment experience responding to Superstorm Sandy in 2012 with Christ in Action (get to know them here).

Count Your Blessings

11/21/12, Tuesday 7:15pm  

I am 3 sheets to the wind exhausted & so ready to call it a night! A wonderful chapel service this morning filled with the presence of God gave me grace & strength for the day.

                                                                                                     at the altar chapel

 What has impressed me today is the gratitude of the people I speak with on the phone. Part of my job here is to follow up on the requests for help  and almost everyone I call says thank-you over and over even if we haven’t specifically helped them!  It makes such a difference in the morale of people  just hearing someone cares enough to help.

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Life Interrupted Part 1

 I was first introduced to Camp Hope in 2008 through  Dr. Denny and Sandy Nissley. The Nissleys founded a disaster relief ministry aptly named Christ in Action (check them out here:  Christ in Action ) who responded to Hurricane Ike on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Twelve hours spent in an SUV with Denny and Sandy changed me forever!  It is to honor them I include Camp Hope postings on any deployments or other events connecting us with the Nissley’s and Christ in Action.  BTW, when you check out their site, be sure to leave a donation here if you can.  Camp Hope is all about spreading the love of Christ by serving others.
Many of you will probably remember Hurricane Sandy, a monstrous storm which devastated the northeast in 2012; I joined CIA for 3 weeks in November/December , below is the 1st of a 5 part series on my  experience. Originally published in 2012, it illustrates the concept of Camp Hope.nj map

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How I Freeze Peaches

There are various ways to freeze peaches but this is how I did it. Simple and easy are the way I roll. The portions are small enough to be versatile without being complicated. We enjoy frozen peaches in smoothies, yogurt or cobbler and Read More

Life’s a Peach

peaches n box

Yep, those are mine! I just bought a case of organic peaches so, like any normal person  immediately stuffed one in my mouth, leaning over the kitchen sink as juice dripped down my fingers and chin, followed by peaches in  my dinner oatmeal and a peachy yogurt delight before bed. Mmm,mmmm!



So what’s my point besides making you yearn for your own fresh peach? Read More

The Rest of Noah


There are times in life when God calls us to a period of rest. Not rest, like lay down and take a nap but real rest that results in a quieting of our spirit. This quieting, which brings true peace, takes time. Let’s look at Noah * – his name in Hebrew actually means ‘rest’.  After spending 100 years being ridiculed for building a boat nobody wanted to board (not much of an evangelist was our Noah)   I think the guy deserved a rest! Once finished with the boat he must have been ready to kick back, put his feet up and cruise.

                                 I can imagine his thoughts, “A flood? No problem – my ark is epic!”

 tip of cruise ship 2


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