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Glenhaven’s newest addition!


We’re excited to announce the birth of our newest ‘baby’ – Eggscetera!  Eggscetera is the farm store located on site at Glenhaven and on line, so we can bring more of the farm to you!  The initial offerings can be found on this page and the links below. Our website is still under construction so please bear with us as we get things up to speed. Just a reminder, our farm is also a ministry intent upon personal and community transformation. Your purchase of our products helps support our work.

Meat / Eggs           Farm Crafts           Pantry         Beauty Products

Currently, we are offering several farm related items including some of our food products. Click on the links above to see the full array. You will need to email your order to or message us on FB: glenhaventx or IG @glenhaventx as we don’t have the direct shop system in place yet. Thank you for your patience and support!

Our pantry items, beauty products and farm crafts may be purchased and shipped.

different chickens lay different eggs

However,  pastured eggs and meat  require a 30% deposit with the balance paid in person either at our farm store or one of our delivery locations.





Pastured Eggs                      $4.50/dozen

Our hens are a gaggle of delight and keep us amused with their antics. Enid, Mildred Gladys and the other girls live a contented life clucking, scratching and laying delicious, golden yolked eggs! In the carton you will find a variety of colors ranging from almost white to freckled brown and every shade in between. Health benefits of pastured eggs include higher content of Vitamins A & E, beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids with lower amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol than commercially produced eggs. (Cannot be shipped. Requires physical pick-up at one of our delivery locations or on site at GlenHaven)

Naked Chickens                  $4.50/lb

All of our meats are humanely raised in fresh air and lush pastures without pesticides, or hormones.  Full of green grass, sunshine and delicious bugs our pastured chicken comes whole, frozen* and you can taste the difference. $4.50/lb (Cannot be shipped. Requires physical pick-up at one of our delivery locations or on site at GlenHaven).

Grass Fed Beef

ground 1 # chub.         $9/lb













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