Pantry Items at Eggscetera

Our raised beds -Fall 2016

It’s time to stock up! Our garden is ever growing and each season we expand a little more! In Texas we’re blessed to have 2 growing seasons which gives us great opportunity for an abundant harvest. We’ve made significant process over the last 2 years and look forward to adding more items to our pantry.

Selections vary depending on season and availability.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone – you’ll want to get yours quick!


Old Fashioned Bread and Butter Pickles: sweet and tart, straight to your heart! You’ll love these pickles just as much as you love your granny! pint jar $5

Kickin’ It Bread and Butter Pickles: Add a little kick to your pickle with a healthy dose of heat. If Peter had known about these peppers he would have picked more than a peck! pint jar $5

The Real Dill Pickle: Yep, these are the real dill. Enjoy a mouth watering blend with just the right amount of garlic for the particular pickle palate! pint jar $5

The Real Dill Okra Pickle: Sca-rump-tious! It’s the real dill with an okra twist! Homegrown okra straight from the garden from the garden for the best fresh around! pint jar $5


Fig Preserves: there is nothing forbidden in this tasty garden of delight! These melt in your mouth figs, grown on our own trees are the perfect topping for hot biscuits or with a bit of Chevre and crackers. half pint jar $5, pint jar $9.50


Baked Oatmeal Mix: baked oatmeal is a tradition at Glenhaven for all of our overnight guests. It’s like this: Mr. Oatmeal and Mrs. Cookie got married and produced a delicious blend of breakfast that will make you shout hallelujah! Topped with fresh milk or a glass on the side and your tummy will send you back for more! All organic ingredients

Mighty Muffin Mix: Create your own winning combination to please your family with this basic mix. Muffin Mondays are a great way to start the week. My personal fave – blueberry / pecan! Made with organic ingredients.