Pantry Items at Eggscetera

Our raised beds -Fall 2016

Our garden is ever growing and each season we expand a little more! In Texas we’re blessed to have 2 growing seasons which gives us great opportunity for an abundant harvest. We’ve made significant progress over the last 2 years (the first season was pretty much an epic fail) and look forward to adding more items to our pantry. There’s nothing like the taste of home grown fruit and veggies, fresh out of the garden,  a palatable pleasure for sure.

Selections vary depending on season and availability.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone – you’ll want to get yours quick! To order, email us your selections as Soon, we’ll have our direct shop in place, thank you for your patience as we grow! Just a reminder, we are a farm based ministry intent upon personal and community transformation – your purchases make a difference!


Old Fashioned Bread and Butter Pickles: sweet and tart, straight to your heart! You’ll love these pickles just as much as you love your granny! pint jar $5

Kickin’ It Bread and Butter Pickles: Add a little kick to your pickle with a healthy dose of heat. If Peter had known about these peppers he would have picked more than a peck! pint jar $5

The Real Dill Pickle: Yep, these are the real dill. Enjoy a mouth watering blend with just the right amount of garlic for the particular pickle palate! pint jar $5

The Real Dill Okra Pickle: Sca-rump-tious! It’s the real dill with an okra twist! Homegrown okra straight from the garden for the best fresh around! pint jar $5


Fig Preserves: there is nothing forbidden in this tasty garden of delight! These melt in your mouth figs, grown on our own trees are the perfect topping for hot biscuits or with a bit of Chevre and crackers. half pint jar $5, pint jar $9.50

Purple Hull Pea Jelly: Purple Hull peas are a staple on local farms as they grow during the hottest part of the summer. Never thought a legume would make a great jelly but it does. Total sweetness perfect for your PB&J or biscuits. Pair it with one of our breads (see below) half pint jar $5


Baked Oatmeal Mix: baked oatmeal is a tradition at Glenhaven for all of our overnight guests. It’s like this: Mr. Oatmeal and Mrs. Cookie got married and produced a delicious blend of breakfast that will make you shout hallelujah! Topped with fresh milk or a glass on the side and your tummy will send you back for more! All organic ingredients $5.50

Mighty Muffin Mix: Create your own winning combination to please your family with this basic mix. Muffin Mondays are a great way to start the week. My personal fave – blueberry / pecan! Made with organic ingredients. $5


Thank you for your support! Each of your


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