Full Circle


Creak, squeak aaaarrrggghh, ummph – do you ever find yourself making  those noises when you move in a particular way? Sitting criss cross applesauce does not seem much of an option for me anymore… what happened, y’all? On the inside Continue reading

What a Mess!

messy desk

In Ezekiel’s time part of the population of Israel had been taken away as captives to Babylon. Those left in Jerusalem, even after seeing their countrymen exiled, still didn’t get the message. The priests were defiling the temple, worshiping idols instead of the Most High God yet they didn’t stop their offensive behavior. Pride blinded them to their sin.

It’s not unlike what we’re experiencing today, in America. Our country is slowly falling apart right before our eyes and most are oblivious. Soon, our circumstances will change so dramatically Continue reading