The Little Round Woman

Recently, I was approached about writing an article for a monthly community newspaper which has since morphed into a column. I hope you enjoy reading. It is a little twist on what I have written in the past.

Near a tiny little town in far northeast Texas lies a grove of mostly pecan trees. Underneath that grove of mostly pecan trees nestles a little yellow farmhouse inside of which is a little round woman and her five dogs. It was the little round woman’s dream to one day have a cow and as such things do happen, the day came where she not only a cow but a farm full of animals.

The little round woman is a minister dressed in farmer’s clothing and has a heart for children – children of all ages, even grown ones. She pictured herself as ‘the (not so old) woman who lived in a shoe and had so many children she didn’t know what to do’ until the Lord reminded the little woman she absolutely knew what to do. She knew to pray for the children, love them and make sure they were not forgotten or allowed to fall through the cracks of life.

It’s like this: the Bible says every child is a blessing; they are a heritage, a reward and blessed is the man (or wo-man) whose quiver is full of them. Every child, not just some, but every child is a reward. Not everyone realizes this. Whether the child has been wanted, abandoned, abused, neglected, cherished or nurtured, every one is a reward. Some are loved and wanted but are not parented; others are tossed aside or smothered.

The Lord told the little round woman, “I’m going to give you a place where children can come and get back to the basics of life. Where they can belong, build community, grow food and get fed, learn job skills and hard work and most of all, get to know Me!” And He did. So she did.

And that’s how GlenHaven Farm, home of the Grove was born. GlenHaven Farm became the vehicle for the ministry. In this day of video games, processed food, and isolation, we bring the kids outside in the fresh air and sunshine where they can get back to the basics of life. From milking a cow and hauling hay to Bible studies and prayer, we gather together so God can transform us!

GlenHaven Farm raises pastured meat and eggs. We teach animal husbandry in a sustainable manner as God’s provision for meat and income. Basic financial principles and educational responsibility are encouraged. Muscles strengthen, endurance builds and confidence grows. Relationships develop as we work side by side and enjoy meals together under the trees and around the kitchen table. Four generations on forty acres doing what they can to change the culture one truth at a time.

Learning opportunities include basic carpentry, safe power tool usage, calf wrangling, food preservation, cheese making and a host of other skills. Tire swings, collecting eggs and chasing goats are treats for the little ones in-between spelling words and reading practice. While the ever ubiquitous weeding, sweeping and poop scooping keep us all humble!

But, by far the greatest joy is the babies, both animal and human! The first of the 4th generation arrived a year ago with another due early 2020. Multiplication and legacy are the keywords of the day. The little round woman is happy in her little yellow house in the grove of mostly pecan trees mostly because she knows the Lord is good! She lives His goodness every day and you can too.

Glen Haven Farm meats and other products are available for sale on site at their farm store Eggscetera, online @ and at the Winnsboro Farmers Market.

In this case, you’re not just buying local but you’re growing local too.

Critter Countdown

IMG_1271GlenHaven is alive and well even if we have only been sporadic on the blog scene. It was 2 years ago this month we bought our farm and time has flown at warp speed! We’ve come a long way and when I stop to look around realizing what God has done I. am. in. awe.





Last night as I was petting Violet our beautiful Jersey she turned her head towards me as if to say, “pretty cool, huh?”

IMG_2470I concur Violet – it is very cool to pet your own  cow (insert chicken, pig, goat or donkey) whenever you like along with a beautiful view and no traffic noise. Sometimes these critters drive ya nuts with their escapades but all in all their personalities provide hours of entertainment!

Chickens are like a gateway drug – you start out with 2 or 3 then you end up  hooked with a whole farm full of critters!   We’ve hatched out over 30 birds this year – even managing to sell some hens and eggs for pocket cash.

5 chicks at feeder


Right now, our bovine population is  3 cows, a Ferdinand type bull and 2 calves. Cows are actually very curious animals, they always want to know what’s going on and have a stealthy way of sneaking up on you. How 1000 pounds can be stealthy I still don’t know.



Our goats multiplied into 13 total with 10 currently here.  They are cuddly, stubborn and master escape artists.  Fortunately, the only place they run is to the feed room or unfortunately to my garden.

In the equine department (or as my sister asks, equine or assinine?) we have 2 sweet donkeys who help out with guard duty. They love scritches between their ears and nibbling carrots out of your hands.  They are most often seen in BFF pose – huddled up as telling secrets & about to take a selfie.

Duckwise we have 2 roving gangs of 6 each who often get into turf wars as they cruise the property in between forays to the pond.


IMG_1983They are great egg layers, we are just not as good at finding the eggs as the dogs are.




Speaking of dogs, Warrior and Tali man the perimeter on night shift (hence the serious nap) while our inside pair, Bailey and Ruwa do personal guard duty from the foot of the bed. Warrior responds to every coyote howl with a message of his own, Tali is his back up . . .  this farm really is a dog’s paradise!

Hamlet and Ophelia are low on drama but their little piglets push the envelope at times. Ophelia has birthed 14 piglets (more pocket change) and they’ve done a fine job clearing out some ground in the hardwoods.IMG_2051


Our foray into meat chickens has been successful. Friends and family report a consistent state of culinary pleasure to the taste buds. We’ve raised 3 turkeys for our personal consumption – those dudes are big!



So, that’s our two year wrap up in the critter countdown.  I am in awe once again at God’s faithfulness. Not everything has gone perfectly and I’ve definitely made some mistakes but He has never failed us! The foundation is laid – now let’s see what God has in store for us next!