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Rock on Dad!

  The last few days have been gloomy indeed on this wonderful farm I call home. An overcast sky, frequent rain and cold temps echo the heaviness of my heart as my dad lays dying in Houston.  I spent 4 days

Eleven and Change

An evening walk the day after Christmas to check on our pregnant Ophelia netted a big surprise!  While we were eating dinner she birthed 11 little piglets! Although obviously pregnant we had not realized how imminent the delivery so it was a lovely surprise!… Continue Reading “Eleven and Change”

The Dream Begins

Several years ago, during a period of transition, I sought  the Lord regarding His purpose

Church in the Barnyard

A beautiful sunny morning with a chill in the air as I make my rounds through the barnyard mucking out various stalls. It’s a glorious Sunday and while many would be at church,

Give Me My Mountain: Faith vs Fear

We live in uncertain times. There are 2 ways we can look at situations unfolding before us today – with

Encouragement from Ezekiel

In a pondering moment recently I was contemplating some scripture out of Ezekiel the Lord had brought to my attention. To give you a bit of history, Ezekiel was a prophet who had been taken in exile to Babylon while

Mooving Right Along

Greetings from Glen Haven! Since I’ve been lax in posting over the summer I would like to bring you current on the latest events.  We’ve grown tremendously, making lots of progress (hence the lack of posts) and we’re pleased with the results.  Back in May… Continue Reading “Mooving Right Along”

A Not So Miserable Failure

I have a confession to make. I failed. And I failed big. It might even be classified as a miserable failure, but doesn’t that become an oxymoron – wouldn’t a miserable failure actually be a success? Because I didn’t succeed except at failing. I… Continue Reading “A Not So Miserable Failure”

A Grandmothers Legacy – TURN THOU ME

          I have a special guest writer today – my great grandmother, Anna Reinhart. Anna was a Bible teacher who traveled through the south until she was killed in a car accident in 1939. Although I never met her in person, her legacy lives… Continue Reading “A Grandmothers Legacy – TURN THOU ME”

Critters Galore

Whew! Why am I so tired? Well, as the joke goes, I’ve just had a March of 31 days!  These old bones can feel it! My last blog ended with a promise about our new additions at the farm and even though it’s taken… Continue Reading “Critters Galore”