Coyote Legs

Today, it is my pleasure to welcome a guest post from a dear friend of mine: homeschooling mother of four, amazing wife and mom extraordinaire Courtney. I know you will enjoy her encouragement!

coyote Buttes signCoyote legs.

It’s what my husband serves for dinner.

Not really! But it motives my four year-old to eat her chicken for dinner. She heartily calls out, “Daddy, what did you kill for dinner?” Coyote legs are Continue reading

The Rest of Noah


There are times in life when God calls us to a period of rest. Not rest, like lay down and take a nap but real rest that results in a quieting of our spirit. This quieting, which brings true peace, takes time. Let’s look at Noah * – his name in Hebrew actually means ‘rest’.  After spending 100 years being ridiculed for building a boat nobody wanted to board (not much of an evangelist was our Noah)   I think the guy deserved a rest! Once finished with the boat he must have been ready to kick back, put his feet up and cruise.

                                 I can imagine his thoughts, “A flood? No problem – my ark is epic!”

 tip of cruise ship 2


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