Life Interrupted Part 4

Three weeks into my initial deployment with Christ in Action during Hurricane Sandy.

A Day of Rest

Sunday 12/2/12  Cedar Run AG

Thankfully, we are ‘off work’ today to rest, observing the Sabbath. Our director and crew leader are preaching at neighboring churches. I attend a comforting service with  friends in a beautiful little church called Cedar Run Assembly of God (CRAG). Stained glass windows flank the sides and the thickness of the outer walls give evidence to it’s long history.  Originally constructed in the mid 1800’s, the newer brick facade provides a  modern garment but it’s obvious the old girl has weathered storms besides Sandy. Yet she stands, a beacon of hope and a sanctuary of peace, an outpost on a highway leading to a summertime haven often forgotten or overlooked. Now, she is shining again,  reppin Jesus as her pastor and congregation respond to the need in their community.

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Life Interrupted Part 2

A continuation of my deployment experience responding to Superstorm Sandy in 2012 with Christ in Action (get to know them here).

Count Your Blessings

11/21/12, Tuesday 7:15pm  

I am 3 sheets to the wind exhausted & so ready to call it a night! A wonderful chapel service this morning filled with the presence of God gave me grace & strength for the day.

                                                                                                     at the altar chapel

 What has impressed me today is the gratitude of the people I speak with on the phone. Part of my job here is to follow up on the requests for help  and almost everyone I call says thank-you over and over even if we haven’t specifically helped them!  It makes such a difference in the morale of people  just hearing someone cares enough to help.

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