A dream which began in 2009 became a reality in 2015. The Grove is a place, it’s a mindset and it’s a movement for personal and local transformation. Our motto “GATHER – TRANSFORM – MOVE” defines us through the power of Christ. We gather together in fellowship, prayer and study to seek the Lord.  Intentional, no-filter face time with Him and one another stretches and grows us through grace.  He prepares then He sends!

From young adults to toddlers we are bent on changing the culture one truth at a time. It’s a multi-generational farm-based discipleship training ground to grow in the Lord.  Whether learning new practical skills like gardening, canning and milking a cow or spiritual lessons on how to pray, worship and hear the voice of the Lord it’s all done under the umbrella of community.

Summer 2019

The gathering and the transformation expands as the return of the Randels propels us into the next season! God sets our eyes on the younger generation: infants, toddlers and school-agers become a common place sight as we gear up for some new adventures.

Summer 2018

We’ve kicked it up a notch and the gathering has begun! Our Bibles are open and our ears are attentive to the Lord as we dive into His word ready for Him to transform us! Posted here will be links to each of the lessons taught.  Join us from where you are!

June 25, 2018                 What’s Your Favor?

June 15, 2018                  Order Up


Partnering with the local church our goal is individual and local transformation, exchanging hope for despair and bringing glory to God!
Starting with a team of young adults

we’ve attended sporting and musical events, initiated workshops and outreaches to connect with the local youth. Thanks to our partnership with Gravel Hill Baptist Church (Brother Sam Yancy) we’re off to a great start!

Our Gobble-la-la-Palooza outreach event was a blast! Despite a blue norther blowing in the competition was fierce and fun complete with a pumpkin chunkin relay race!

Our first boys campout complete with campfire, s’mores and an airsoft war in the woods. By morning the ground was covered in frost!
  A house full of girls, games and giggles and we made it to church on time the next day!

Winter Jam in Bossier City is a regular trip for us, local rodeos and festivals put us on the street and in the community.

Meet Jerid

Jerid and Truman

Jerid, a local teen, came to work with us at the farm over a year ago – the transformation in him has been remarkable. He was quiet, reserved, and struggled in school when we first met – now his skills (both on the farm and in school) and confidence have grown exponentially. He is a hard worker, willing to do any chore without complaint and has a special rapport with all the animals. We’re super proud of Jerid and the man he is becoming.

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