The Roman Road

God has given all of us a choice – we have free will to decide whether we want to follow Him or do it all our own way. I tried it my own way for years, attempting with drugs, alcohol and relationships to fill the empty space inside of me. Nothing worked until I chose Jesus. It was truly the best decision I ever made; one I never regretted. I hope and pray you will choose Jesus too!

Watch the little video below. It will take you through some Bible verses and lead you in a prayer at the end to give your life to Christ. If you are reading this, please understand God is pursuing you with His relentless love. Watch the video today and become a new creation in Christ!

Some of you may have given your life to Christ but over the last few years you’ve gone astray. God is pursuing you, calling you back into the fold. Rededicate your life today and get a fresh start!


If you’ve watched this video and said the prayer at the end – welcome to the family! Please send me a quick comment to let me know you did!